Best English learning apps for android of 2019

Are you looking for the “Best English learning apps for android” ? If yes, then don’t worry. You are on the right path. Today I’m going to explain you about the “5 Best English learning apps for android”.

5 Best English Learning apps for android

1.   Hello English by Culture Alley: –

I kept this app on 1st no. because this app has global and city ranking feature. Hello English is a nice app to learn English, you can interestingly improve your English. It will rank you as per your performance. There are lots of great feature in this app. I would strongly recommend you this app if you are serious to improve your English skills.

Key features: – As per Hello English,

  • Comes with 475 Interactive lessons which are free with conversation English, Grammar topics, Vocabulary and more. These lessons work offline also.
  • Interactive Games for reading, translation, spellings, grammar and vocabulary are also a dominant feature in this app.
  • Also, you can have discussions with teachers. You can any question related to any topic of the English language.
  • This app also provides daily news, articles audio -video clips and e-books etc.
  • It also improves your spoken English skills through a conversation practice game.
  • Comes with 10,000 words Dictionary; you can learn new words, and hear their pronunciation also.
  • You can know your global and city rank as per your performance.

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2. Duolingo: –

Duolingo is also a nice app for learning English from scratch. This app is well illustrated and organized. You can also learn Spanish, French, German, Italian and more language through this app. It is very useful app to enhance your skills in English.

Key features: – As per Duolingo,

  • In Duolingo, each lesson has a variety of speaking, listening, translation and multiple choices challenges.
  • Duolingo instantly sees which answers you get correct. Whenever you miss a challenge, it quickly shows you how to improve.
  • This app motivates you to keep on track by recording how many days in a row you spend learning a language.
  • Duolingo app has a Heart icon feature. It keeps your lesson alive! You lose them when you answer incorrectly. When you’re out of hearts, stay over and try again.

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3. BUSUU: –

You can learn many languages through this app. It will train your spelling, memory and help your pronunciation also. I would strongly recommend this app too. With virtual cards and wordplay, it allows you to pick up the language quickly. There are also a lot of features in this app.

Key features: – As per Busuu,

  • Busuu has a placement test feature which starts from the difficulty level.
  • You can also get certification with McGraw – Hill Education.
  • Helps you get your exercises corrected with the help of natives.
  • It has speech recognition exercise feature.
  • Busuu provides full courses over 150 different units per language.
  • This app provides tips on grammar to help you learn.
  • You can also learn offline as well.

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4. memrise: –

There are lots of languages you can learn through this app, This is the very fantastic app, and it teaches the person in the creative and fun way. You won’t feel boring while using this app for learning the English language or any other language. I will highly recommend this also.

Key features: – As per Memrise,

  • Memrise app has a variety of exciting interactive language and vocabulary games for you to learn and practice.
  • It has a pronunciation guide where you can speak like a local by recording and comparing your pronunciation with native speakers.
  • These features are available offline also as well.

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5. Babbel: –

As per Babbel, this app highly focuses on Vocabulary. You can learn Vocabulary that relates to you. It has a real – life conversation skill. Lesson crafted by language experts, voiced by native speakers, will get you ready for real – Life situation.
It has interactive dialogues that will give you the confidence to speak and speech recognition technology that will help you get it right. Curated review sessions will reinforce what you’ve learned by bringing it back in new contexts, committing it to memory so you will never struggle for the right words.

Key features: – As per Babbel

• It has extensive selection of interactive courses of 14 different languages.
• Babbel has Entertaining listening, writing, reading and speaking exercises  features.
• Easily learn vocabulary from a wide range of topics (including travel, culture, and business)

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These are the best “5 best English learning apps for android”.

I hope the above article “5 best English learning apps for android” will be helpful for you.

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