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About Author

Eruditionhub is a blog that founded by Mohit Chaudhary. He is a Founder cum Author of Eruditionhub. His purpose is providing good content to readers so that they could solve their problem with ease.
He is a book lover also. He has read lots of books related to Self-Realisation, Self-Improvement, Businesses, Start-up etc.

Favourite books (Top 5)

You should read also and must make a habit to read daily at least half an hour to nurture yourself.

1. Brilliance (1st Book) by Amit Kohli: РMillionaire Consciousness Ultimate Success РBrilliant Life. Your ultimate PLAN to attract Fabulous  riches, Money, Prosperity, Power and Consciousness.

2. Brilliance (2nd Book) by Amit Kohli: – Awaken your Genius – Unlock Your Potential -Live Brilliantly. Your ultimate plan to brilliant ride the information age.

3. The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman: – A world-class business education in a single volume.

4. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: – The Not -So – Obvious Secret Guaranteed to transform your life BEFORE 8 AM.

5. Man’s searching for meaning by Victor E. Franklin: –¬† The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust.

What will you gain from this blog?

He wants to share about some useful things to relief you from the technical pain. He will share with you knowledge about Computer and Mobiles, Youtube channel , Social Networking, SEO, Operating System, Android & iOS apps, Windows software, New tips and tricks, Latest technology news etc.
Feel free to shoot me a question on any topic mentioned above.

Email id: – Mohitchaudhary@eruditionhub.com