Best Android apps for news

Best Android apps for news

Are you looking for the best android apps for news? If yes, then Don’t worry. You are on the right path. Today, I am going to write about “Best Android apps for news”.

Best Android apps for news


1.  InShorts – 60 words news summary: – 

In shorts is a great news app that selects latest and important news from national and international sources. They summarise news in short and crisp 60 words or less — Inshorts Provides news in English and Hindi. Summarised stories contain only headlines and facts, no opinions, to help you stay informed of the current affairs. It is Google – Best apps of 2015!

Key Features: –

  • Search bot feature that suggests topics related to your search query, so you get informed end-   to-end.
  •  News in 60 words, you can read many stories in a short time.
  • This app tracks your preferences as you swipe, and displays stories personalised for you in ‘My Feed.’
  •  Vast variety in the category, the daily notification also available in this app.
  • You can Share News with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Reddit, e-mail etc.


2. FEEDLY: –

You can organise, read, and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next significant trend in your industry through Feedly app.

Feedly uses to read blogs, track keywords, learn new topics,  brands and companies.

Easily keep up with important trends in your industry and can build up expertise on your favourite topics.

Key features: –

  •  Because Feedly is connected to more than 40 million feeds, you can find the niche content here.
  • You can organise in your Feedly and read in one place related tech to business, media and beyond, design to marketing.
  • This app is powered by RSS, add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go.
  • Feedly load fast and offers a clean and straightforward reading experience.
  • You can Share News friends WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Reddit, E-mail, Pinterest, etc.
3.  Pocket: –

Through the Pocket app, you can get the content that comes at you all day long.

Easy to save the latest stories, sports, articles, news, and videos from any device. It has a clean layout and customizable display.

Pocket’s typography and layout keep reading comfortable for longer stretches. It provides only that information that is compelling to you and estimated reading times help you turn any time into quality time.

Key features: –

  •  Comes with great content.
  •  Save from anywhere.
  •  Discover more of what you love.
  •  Read everywhere.
  •  Listen to articles.
4.  FlipBoard: –

Every day millions of people use this app; it brings together news, favourite stories and conversations around any interest or passion.

You can make your customised magazines.

You can set your magazine to public or private, and create group magazines to invite other people to contribute to your curation.

Key features: –

  • Latest news on important events.
  • You can read and share stories on a variety of topics.
  • Stories available from the various top publication from around the world such as The Guardian, BBC and The Telegraph.
  • Engage with other Flipboard community members that share your interests.
  • Quick access of your top interest.
5.   Microsoft News: – 

It shows breaking news and trusted, in-depth reporting from the world’s best journalists.

Their editors curate the most trusted, relevant, exciting and trending news.

It comes with a feature where you can sync your preferences across the app and the Web.

They work in partnership with hundreds of publishers in dozens of countries globally.

Key features: –  

  • Comes with clean design lets you read articles without clutter, with useful features like a    dark mode for night time reading.
  • You can add our widget to your home screen for easy access to breaking news.
  • Meaningful news. Well organised. Easy to use.
  • Excellent range of trustworthy sources.


I hope the above article “Best Android apps for news” will be helpful for you.

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