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How to change download location in Google Chrome

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Sometimes, we do not want to show our download thing in default folder of download. Therefore, we think to change the download location in the browser. Thus, shift download location in Google Chrome is too easy.

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Here’s how to change download location in Google Chrome: –

Let’s begin: –

Step 1: – Open Google Chrome from your computer home screen or taskbar. Click on three dots on the right side of the Google Chrome. (See below screenshot)

Change download location

Step 2: – After reaching that stage, now you need to go to Settings of Google Chrome. (See below screenshot)

Step 3: – Great, now you have reached in settings. Now you need to click on the Advanced option in settings. An advanced option will come when you do drop down in Settings. (See below screenshot)

Step 4: – Great, now you have reached on next step. Now you need to click on change option in under downloads. It will also come using the drop-down in settings. (See below screenshot)

Thus, you can change the download location with the help of the above steps.

If you want that google chrome must ask every time to choose the location for each file before downloading, you can do that also. You need to ‘’Turn on’’ one feature that you can find under downloads. (See below screenshot)

But, if PDF file is open in google chrome, then it will ask every time where to save each file before downloading. It doesn’t matter ‘’ Ask where to save each file before downloading’’ feature is Turn on or not.

Thus, you can the change download location in Google Chrome.

I hope the above article will be helpful for you.

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