Error 0x80070422

How to Fix Error 0x80070422 while updation in Window 10

Error 0x80070422 usually comes when we keep the manual setting of the update for window 10. Error 0x80070422 also occurs when you try to enable windows firewall. You should turn off the window firewall to get rid of this error. You can allow the window firewall after windows 10 updates. Also, you need to scan your computer before getting the latest update for window 10. In windows 10 you can not turn off windows 10 update easily like you guys use to do it Windows 7. Windows 10 gives the update from time to time, and if you won’t update your system and ignore the latest update, then your system won’t work well. Therefore, you will be needing latest update to run the system smoothly, if you are using window 10 operating system.

Here is a post on How to stop Automatic update in Windows 10. Hope you would like this post.

Get update Windows 10 from Here: –

Now, I want to show you how to solve  error 0x80070422 through easy way: –

Here’s how to fix the 0x80070422 error: –

Step 1: – Use the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run command. (See below screenshot)

ERROR 0X80070422

Step 2: – Type Services.msc in run command and click OK to open the Services. (See below screenshot)

After that, below window will be opened. You will have to search there to get the ”Window update” option. (See below screenshot)

Step 3: – Right click on the windows update and then select the properties. (See below screenshot)

After that, below window will be opened, Check STARTUP TYPE. Startup type must be Automatic, and SERVICE STATUS must be Running. (See both screenshots)

Step 4: – Click on Recovery tab and then select Restart the service in First Failure option and then click on Apply & OK. (See below screenshot)

When will you guys use this above method, you won’t face any problem-related error 0x80070422 and other errors also.

I hope the above article will be helpful for you.

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