What is Google Admob? Here is Everything

Google Admob is a tool by Google to earn money through the Android application. It was founded by Omar Hamoui in 2006 and later sold it to Google around $750 million. Stave jobs was also interested to buy Admob, but Omar got the better offer from Google.

You can create an account on Google Admob without an application. But if you want to earn money through Admob, then you will need an App.

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Google AdMOB offers 4 types of advertisement in your App which I will explain below.Google Admob


  • Banner ads: – This kind of ad format appears at the top, bottom, down right or left sidebar of a device screen. These ads appear with image only not text.
  •  Interstitial ads: – Interstitial ads show full page ads in your app. You need to place them at natural breaks and transition in your app’s interface.
  • Rewarded ads: – You can increase your mobile app revenue using this      unit of ads. As per Google, rewarded ad units enable users to play games,take surveys, or watch videos to earn in-app rewards, such as coins, extra lives, or point.
  • Native ads: – This type of ads preserves user experience and innovative                            video ads to keep the user engaged.


Revenue money through a mobile application is higher then blogging and        YouTube earnings. If you can make an app which is not available in the              market, then you should go for it.

If you want to make an app on exiting things even you can earn a decent          passive income, but it depends on your work in an App, and how you did          the marketing of the app.

In upcoming article in the mobile application category I can explain you          more about the Google Admob such as how to create Admob account and          implementation in the app.

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