How to install fresh wordpress copy without losing site data

Are you struggling with errors on your site that you are not able to solve? And You did not find any solution on YouTube and Google search. You did a lot of searches and you did not reach your destination, means the relevant answer to solve the problem. It is wasting your time to spend extra time on your website to solve the errors. WordPress CPR will solve your problem.

No problem, I am going to show you how can you tackle lots of error with the simple solution, not all problem. But this method which I am going to show you will solve your lots of problem-related to your site. You have to use it carefully. If you won’t use it carefully then you will lose the site data that will put you in deep trouble. I guide to take backup all your data before using this method. WordPress CPR is a process that solves lots of problems related to blog or another website if you are working on WordPress.

I will show you step by step process so that you could do it with ease for your blog or website.

Here is How to Add Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. I hope you would like this post.

Here is How to install fresh copy of WordPRESS without losing site data.

Step 1: – Download WordPress zip file from ( see below screenshot)WordPress CPR

Step 2: – Extract the WordPress zip file. You will need zipping software in your system such as WinZip to extract the file.( See below screenshots)

Step 3: – After extraction, you have to delete 2 files from the WordPress folder. ( See below screenshots)

Step 4: – Go to File Manager in your hosting platform using CPanel. ( see below screenshots)

Step 5: – Click on Upload and choose file to upload the file.

Step 6: – Select the WordPress file and extract that in root folder to see changes. (see below screenshot)

Now fresh and latest WordPress file has been updated in your system. You can check with your WordPress website to check the errors.

I hope above article will be helpful for you.

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