Laptop battery is not charging

Laptop battery is not charging in Window 7/8/10

Are you grappling with a laptop power problem? Is your laptop battery not charging despite your charger is in excellent condition? It means when you “plug in” your laptop charger, your laptop light turns off and your laptop battery is not charging. Whereas, when you “plug out” your charger, it works. This issue will disturb the continuity of your works.

It is a big headache if you are getting a laptop power problem. However, there are lots of solutions out there if you explore over the internet. You cannot say with confidence that this will work and it is time taking too. Also, I faced this difficulty and got the simple solution with my research and development. Therefore, I would like to want to share with you the same key that I did with my laptop, and It did work.

This problem comes with Window 10 mostly, sometimes when you got the latest update for Windows 10. However, you do not need to worry about that. You need to reset your power setting, and everything will be O.K.  Afterwards, you can restore your power setting with an ease that I am going to show you step by step.

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Here is How to Solve this error, Laptop battery is not charging, plug in but not charging in Window 7/8/10.

Step 1: – Type Control Panel in window 10 search bar and open the Control Panel. (See below screenshot)

Laptop battery is not charging

Step 2: – Click on Hardware and Sound. (See below screenshot)

Step 3: – Click on Power Option. (See below screenshot)

Step 4:- Click on Change plan settings. (See below screenshot)

Step 5: – Click on Restore Default Settings For This Plan. (See below screenshot)

Step 6:-  Click on Yes to see the changes. (See below screenshot)

Thus, you can solve this problem.

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