Microsoft office latest update

How to get latest update for office 365 and 2016

It’s essential to get Microsoft office latest update for office 365 and 2016 to run smoothly every product of Microsoft office. If you have the pirate copy of office 2016, then an update will not work for you. Microsoft office latest update for office 365 and 2016 work for those who have Microsoft office 2016 or 365 subscriptions. Thus, getting the newest update is vital to get rid of the bugs. Also, latest updates provide security updates.

Thus, It’s better to get the latest update whenever it comes. Also, you should check fortnightly that latest updates came or not. The newest update keeps your office things up to date.

Sometimes, you will notice that office is getting hanged, means you need the latest update to get rid of this situation.

Also, Microsoft has launched office 2019 preview for windows 10 for commercial users.

You can know more about office 2019 preview and how to participate in the office 2019 commercial preview program using this link: –

 Here’s how to get Microsoft office latest update for office 365 and office 2016 using Microsoft excel.

Note: – You can get the latest update for office 2016 or office 365 to use any product of the office. Microsoft office does update all the products automatically, and just you need to update one product of Microsoft office and process will be the same as I’m going to show you through excel.

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Let’s begin: –

Step 1: – Open Microsoft Excel and then click on the file. (See below screenshot)

Microsoft office latest update for office 365 and 2016

Step 2: – Click on Account. (See below screenshot)

 Step 3: –  Click on update options 1st and then click on update now. (see below screenshot)

Now a new pop -up window will open that will be showing ‘’Checking for updates’’ (See Below screenshot)

Now, updates are done. (See below screenshot)

Thus, you can update any product of Microsoft office.

I hope the above article will be helpful for you.

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