Pen drive as a RAM

How to use pen drive as a RAM

We all use pen drive for data transfer, but we can also use the pen drive as a RAM. It increases system performance, so you do not need to spend money on RAM. If you got stuck when you are using your system, then It’s time to turn pen drive as a RAM and work on your system without hassle. You will not be need any 3rd party software to convert pen drive in RAM. You can use your pen drive as a data transfer after using for RAM. Thus, this method helps low RAM system a lot.

There are many ways to convert your Pen drive as a RAM, but I will show you the easy and quick way to turn Pen drive as a RAM.

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Here is how to use pen drive as a RAM.

Method 1: –

Step 1: – Insert your pen drive and right click on the pen drive and then click on format.  (See below screenshot)

Pen Drive as a RAM

Step 2: – Now, Click on Start. (See below screenshot)

Step 3: – Now, click on OK. (See below screenshot)


Now, below window will be appeared.


Now, pen drive has formatted.

Step 4: – Right-click on Pen drive and then click on Properties. (See below screenshot)



Step 5: – Click on ReadyBoost.


Step 6: – Click on Use this device and select space that you want to use for RAM. (See below screenshot)


Now, below things will be showing in Pen drive.


Restart your computer, and then your computer will run smoothly. If you want to use your pen drive for regular use, then you need to format the pen drive. If your pen drive has some space after turning into RAM, then you can use that space also.

I hope the above article will be helpful for you.

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  • Hi bro, I really need to increase my office system performance. It’s 4gb ram couldn’t bear my multi-tasking and slows down frequenting. Will try it our surely.


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